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Community Activities

As we continue to dive deeper into what has been a great start to school, we will begin to engage in community activities, field trips, and other events as is prudent. When our students have the opportunity to leave our buildings to enter the community, they will be asked to wear masks. Students are not required to engage in these off campus activities. The school will provide disposable masks for the events. However, if a student has a preferred mask of their own, they may wear it. Like any other trips out of the building, parents will be notified in advance and will have the option of choosing to send or not send their child on the activity, field trip, or event. If any questions please feel free to reach out to Superintendent, Angela Lawrence 620-397-2835

Board Action Announcement

The board of education met September 21, 2020 and voted to approve the school operation blueprint. This has been posted on the website under the Resource Tab. It details how we will conduct school should we need to provide remote instruction. At the meeting this evening, it was determined we would not mandate masks or other face coverings at this time.

Website Under Construction

The website will be under construction during the summer to allow staff the opportunity to make the needed updates. Please keep an eye out on the announcement slideshow for updates and information. If you have immediate questions call 620-397-2835.


SCHOOL OPERATIONS BLUEPRINT The School Operations Blueprint details how Dighton USD 482 will conduct school should we need to provide virtual learning. Please feel free to browse all documents by clicking "More Info" or and reach out to the administration if any questions arise. 

21-22 USD 482 Protocols

Please click below to review recent announcement made by Superintendent, Angela Lawrence. Any questions regarding the information please feel free to contact 620-397-2835.

Area of Concern?

Have an area of concern that you would like to discuss with the district? Click below to review the proper chain of command.

Coming Soon!

District 22-23 school calendar will be available as a PDF June 1st. Please feel free to visit the District Calendar tab on the website for updates.

22-23 Activity Schedules

Activity Schedules have been updated!! We appreciate your patience. Please visit our ACTIVITIES tab where you can locate the sport and begin your search there. Questions please feel free to reach out 620-397-5333.


Information regarding how to login to Powerschool can be found under the Resource tab. Also at this location you can find a quick link to login. CLICK "More Info" to be redirected.

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