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2019-2020 Parent Academy 

In DES cafeteria the 3-6 grade leaders will be hosting a Parent Academy. We invite you to come and hear about the newest innovations being rolled out this year. We are excited to share our mastery based grade card, school families’ news, literacy groups and project based learning updates. We look forward to seeing you then.

Collision letter from Dr A

Come join us for some great conversation on things that affect our town and lunch!

 September Buzz Series

Dighton Jr/Sr High building leadership team representatives present personalized learning strategies in New Orleans at the C3/SC3 Regional Advisory Board Meeting.


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Dighton Schools are committed to each student owning their learning and success. The Dighton Schools Innovation Foundation serves as an integral tool allowing students access to resources not commonly associated with school. With your support, every student graduating from Dighton High School will possess the grit, determination, desire, and skill to live a productive and satisfying life.

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