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Dighton School Continuous Learning Plan

Elementary Continuous Learning

The elementary teachers will utilize their current communication platforms, Dojo and SeeSaw to connect with families.  The elementary teams are working to help ensure families are not overwhelmed but students are provided engaging opportunities through playlists, choice boards, and other personalized learning opportunities.  You will note office hours listed in an accompanying document.  

JH/HS Continuous Learning

Students will be contacted by classroom instructors via email or Google Classroom.  A schedule for virtual meetings has been created along with times teachers will provide office hours.  Elective courses will be available on a choice board created by teachers.  A new board will be available each week and updated on the school website.  Teachers will communicate with students what specific assignments need to be completed from the board (Not ALL are required for ALL students).

Summit instructors have reviewed each student and have individualized course requirements for end of year completion.  As the weeks unfold these requirements will be reviewed and adjustments will be made as necessary.  Focus area tests may be taken at home by students and notes may be used. 

We are sensitive to the fact that all family situations are different during this difficult time.  Our goal is to continue to provide opportunities for students without overwhelming students and parents.  Please continue to lean on teachers and administration for support.  We are happy to answer questions and provide assistance. 

Student Choice Board April 6-10

JH/HS Virtual Class Meeting Times

JH/HS Office Hours

Elementary Teacher Office Hours 2020



Lunch Sign Up

Please sign up for lunches for the week April 13-17th by Wednesday, April 8th. We will be serving lunch on Monday April 13th. Thank you!

Lunch Count for April 13-17th