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Schedule of Performances


9/2-     Home Football Game

9/3-     Marching Band Retreat

9/12-    Monday Night Rehearsal

9/16-    Home Football Game

9/19-    Monday Night Rehearsal

9/26-    Monday Night Rehearsal

9/30-    Home Football Game

10/01-   Smoky Hills Marching Band Festival

10/03-   Monday Night Rehearsal

10/10-   Monday Night Rehearsal

10/14-   Home Football Game

10/17-   Monday Night Rehearsal

10/21-   Home Football Game

10/24-   High Plains Marching Festival

TBD-     Football Playoffs

12/02-   Basketball Home Game

12/03-   District Honor Band

12/12-   Christmas Concert

12/16-   Home Basketball Game

1/13-    Home Basketball Game

1/31-   Home Basketball Game

2/07-   Home Basketball Game

2/17-   Home Basketball Game

2/21-   Home Basketball Game

4/01-   Regional Music

4/13-   State Large Group

5/16-   5-12 Spring Concert


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