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REDESIGN FAQS and Redesign Question Submission Form



School Building

We are excited to share with you changes and choices
provided for students this upcoming year!
A few questions have been circulating and here are some answers.


What is Redesign?

Changing our approach to instructional practices to better prepare our students for life after high school.  This includes but not limited to:

  • student choices

  • self advocacy

  • time management

  • hands on learning


Why are we redesigning?

The Kansas State Department of Education is mandating changes for all schools in Kansas.  By being a Gemini I district we drive the changes in our approach and how those approaches will best benefit our kids.  The current system functions on the industrial model and current data demonstrates this is an outdated, less successful option.  Dighton schools are moving toward a more modernized educational system based on student choice, real-life skills and improved concept mastery.


How is this different?  “I did that when I was a student”.  

Though some things remain the same, many things differ.  Students will take more ownership of their learning through demonstration of contemporary skills.  Learning will be personalized and students will have options regarding HOW they learn.


What are we preparing our students for after High School?

We are educating students to make decisions for themselves based upon their learning styles, interests and goals. The students will be prepared to immediately enter the workforce, join the military, attend a technical or university college.


 I have heard that this is computer-based learning, is there any truth to that?

The computer is used for data collection and as a framework for project based learning.  Students may actually spend less time on electronic devices than they do now as they do more hands-on learning.


What is the cost of redesign?

Gemini schools redesign within the current budget structure.  The cost is not extra, it is prioritization. For the first time in anyone’s recent memory, schools possess actual decision making power in how they best meet the needs of their students.  Ultimately, it is the mission of any effective school is to engage in best practice providing the greatest opportunity for success for each child who attends our school.

I would like to know how many schools in Kansas are participating in this and the success rate.

48 Districts in the state of Kansas are redesigning through Mercury, Gemini I, and Gemini II programs.

Mercury and Gemini I programs began this year.

Success after high shcool is our measure. National clearninghouse data measures success through college retention, earning an industry recognized certification, joining the military, or entering gainful workforce employment.

Our redesign is based on best practices designed to help students achieve cognitive skills, self-awareness, a credible goal for after school with a plan to achieve the goal, and the content knowledge/skills necessary to engage as a citizen in our society.

What are some of the redesign things you tried in Pre-Kindergarten?

We screen all students using the ASQ.  We utilize the state approved "Second Step" program


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